Safety Reflectors

  1. LED Solar Blinker

    LED Reflectors are either spotlights or floodlights which are different from regular LED lights because they reflect light at a certain angle. These bulbs are more energy-effective and the lamp lifetime is also increased. These are very small and compact but provide quality light continuously. There are no UV or IR radiations in the light beam and the emitted heat is also very less. Apart from white light, these can also generate colored light. These lamps can be used in residential or commercial buildings.
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  2. Warning Triangle

    Warning Triangle is used for indicating any hazardous or dangerous situation ahead. Different warning triangles are used for different purposes like an exclamation sign on a standard triangle is used for general caution. Chevrons and arrows are used to mark the curve or bend in that location. Sometimes this triangle can also be used for dangerous sites like electric fences or equipment with open parts leading high voltage. Some signs alert drivers of situations ahead or to slow down.
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  3. Road Reflector

    Road Reflector is used as a safety device on roads and at the same time, it also helps control traffic. The reflector is mainly used to separate traffic lanes during night time. This comes in different colors each one denoting a different meaning like white indicates lane markings on right edge and blue indicates shoulders and fire hydrants while red indicates areas which are closed to traffic. It is made up of plastic, ceramic, thermoplastic paint or metals.
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  4. Wall Reflectors

    Wall Reflectors are used for the safety of drivers, especially during night time. These are used to enhance the visibility of vehicles in low light areas. The high-intensity reflection provides sufficient time for drivers to see the upcoming vehicles and take appropriate measures. These are also used to landmark specific location and standalone traffic applications and to indicate wrong way at multilane highways. They are easy to install and need no maintenance.
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  5. Barrier Wall Reflectors

    Barrier Wall Reflectors are used to provide safety to drivers in all the weather conditions. These reflectors are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are used as temporary and permanent concrete barriers, bridge parapets and guardrail posts. The reflectors are made of high-impact thermoplastic and continue to rebound time after time and thus reducing the need for maintenance. These are designed to either mount on top or side of barriers.
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