Road Studs

  1. Reflective Road Studs

    Reflective Road Studs are for road safety purposes. These studs come in different colors like red indicates the left edge of the road and suggests not crossing the road. Green indicates the edge of the carriageway where there are slip roads, parking bays, and bus stops. White marks the middle of the road and Amber marks the extreme right edge of the road. These are very effective in bad weather conditions like fog and rain to highlight the road edges and lane separator.
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  2. Glass Road Studs

    Glass Road Studs are made of hardened safety glass that can withstand loads up to 60 tons. The bottom of the reflector is covered with a coating which provides the reflective effect. These are used to guide various traffic solutions because they reflect light from every side. Solid studs are installed within the road surface and not on top of it. They are extremely hard and indestructible and can be driven over many times without any damage. These require no maintenance and are self-cleaning.
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  3. Toughen Glass Road Studs

    Toughen Glass Road Studs are used to mark both the boundaries of roads. They are made up of high intensity glass in very high temperature so their abrasive and wear characteristics are unmatched. These studs are generally installed at mini roundabouts and traffic islands. They are extremely durable, self cleaning and need no maintenance or resurfacing at all. Installation is easy and the road can be opened as soon as the adhesive has set.
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  4. Plastic Road Studs

    Plastic Road Studs are used to increase the visibility at night. They can be used in the centerline of the road, partition areas, bridge roads, highway sides, dark zones, lane merging zones, and center verge or accident-prone areas especially during bad weather conditions like fog, rain, and darkness. These studs can withstand load up to 20 tones. They come in different colors and gives strong reflective effect so they make a city more beautiful.
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  5. Safety Parking Studs

    Safety Parking Studs provides guidance during the night and adverse weather conditions. These are highly reflective due to their specific reflective panel. They are made up of aluminium and rigid ABS plastic so they can bear the extreme pressure of vehicles. These studs can be installed either at the center of the road or at the edges. Apart from visibility, they can also be heard and felt because they make noise whenever a vehicle runs over.
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