Road Safety Signs

  1. Cautionary Signs

    Cautionary Signs warn road users about possible harmful conditions. These are used widely in various places like in roads, railways, & public places. Road users should follow those signs and take appropriate measures to counter that situation. Sometimes they provide necessary information as well. They are easy to install and can be seen from a long distance. There are different signs for different people such as pedestrians have to follow certain rules while car drivers have to follow other rules.
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  2. Over Head Sign

    Over Head Sign is an assembly of traffic sign which is mounted on an overhead support. This is installed in areas where there is huge traffic and drivers can’t see the ground traffic signs. It can be installed on one side or as a bridge with poles on each side and can be mounted on steel or concrete columns. This sign is specially designed to accommodate digital message signs (DMS) or high reflective displays. It can be galvanized, paint over galvanized or factory finished paint coat.
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  3. Informatory Traffic Signs

    Informatory Traffic Signs are used to providing necessary information such as parking lot, public telephone, hospitals, eating place and petrol pumps. These are engraved in the aluminium sheets to make them reliable in harsh weather conditions. They are clearly visible in the night also and are available in different colors and shapes. These signs are also used to provide information on direction, destination, and various roadside amenities. They are typically blue in color.
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  4. Mandatory Signs

    Mandatory Signs are compulsory meaning that avoiding those rules is illegal. In India, these signs use white symbols on a blue background. The signs are mainly used to specify which area of a road will be allocated to which vehicle like a car driver will drive on a different part of a road than a bike rider. The paths for footpaths, cycle paths and bridleways are explicitly mentioned. An example of mandatory sign would be maximum speed limits.
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