Plastic Barricades

  1. Road Barricades

    Road Barricades are used in road construction and excavation sites. There are three types of road barricades. The type I has sheeting on top while type II has sheeting on top and bottom as well. The third type has multiple rails which are supported by two end posts. These are generally used in pedestrian traffic control and detours but can also be used in marking off dangerous sites to protect workers. These are made wholly of plastic or composite materials.
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  2. Plastic Expandable Barricades

    Plastic Expandable Barricades are mainly used by police and security personnel in heavily crowded places such as railway stations, bus stands or rallies. They are used to control crowd and maintain safety and security due to their tear resistant properties. These are also used as warnings in dangerous or hazardous places. They are made up of grade green strips. These are available in different colors, thickness, and finishes as per requirements.
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  3. Portable Barricades

    Portable Barricades are used for safety purposes in construction sites. These are also used to redirect traffic and keep pedestrians safe. They are sometimes used to secure outdoor worksite, hazard zones or maintenance areas. These are very easy to fix and can be set up and taken down by a single person. They are very lightweight and efficient and can be carried easily. The closed hinge feature prevents pinched fingers during setting up and taking down.
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  4. Traffic Safety Barricades

    Traffic Safety Barricades are used for traffic control needs. These are easy to move and assemble, so they require little time to set up and remove barricades. We can also set these barricades in streets for road construction and blocking off entry points around construction sites. They are sometimes used to shut or partially close a road and to warn users about the end of a roadway. These are made up of high-quality impact-resistant polyethylene.
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  5. Light Barrier

    Light Barrier is used for traffic control purposes. This is used to separate opposite streams of traffic and to prevent the unwise crossing of pedestrians. It is fitted on the median of roads to obstruct the light beams from opposing vehicles and in this way provides non-distracted vision to drivers and avoids accidents. There is a retro-reflective film present on barriers which enhances visibility during the night time. This is made up of high-quality UV Stabilized Polythene with anti-static properties.
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